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Iber Intranet

Iber Intranet

    Thanks to our Iber Intranet system, you can quickly and easily access most areas and information you want to access within Ibn Haldun University.

    You can access student service hours, follow announcements, and find answers to your frequently asked questions through our Iber Intranet system. You can view the contact information of the unit you want to reach within the university from the internal communication guide. You can also load? meal credits to your student ID cards and view the daily meal list. Apart from these, our Iber intranet website is up to date for many important transactions and is actively used by our university students. In addition, you can switch to the "Support Request System" from the home page of the Iberian Intranet system and submit your complaints in the relevant categories, and thanks to the "Student Information System", you can access all your student information. You can access your information. And finally, you can easily access “İhü Vezaif Job Tracking”. 

    You can log in to the Iber website with your student email username and password.

Sample account information is as follows:

Username: name.surname

Temporary Password: ID Number