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G-Suite Product Service

G-Suite Product Service

G-Suite Product Service

Google Workspace applications are a cloud service that can work compatible with all processors such as iOS, Outlook, Android, as well as importing your files such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc., allowing you to backup your data in the cloud environment and access it from anywhere you want, minimizing your data loss. G Suite is a cloud infrastructure software service developed by Google that gathers these applications under one roof. The Google Workspace cloud system, which is offered to our students in cooperation with our university and Google, aims to make your education life easier. You can use and run many online applications hosted by Google Workspace on a single platform simultaneously. In addition, you have the opportunity to archive unlimited e-mail and storage space for each user with fast, easy and secure e-mail service. 

All registered students are assigned an e-mail account by our university. E-mail accounts are defined in name.surname@stu.ihu.edu.tr format. The username is "name.surname", which is the pre-account information of the e-mail address. The default temporary password is the Turkish Identity Number. To access your e-mail for the first time, you need to change your temporary password at pass.ihu.edu.tr.

Sample account information is as follows:

Name and Surname : Name and Surname

E-mail address : name.surname@stu.ihu.edu.tr

Username : name.surname

Temporary Password : TR Identity Number