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About Us

A. Organizational Position

Title: Head of Information Services Department

Department: Department of Information Services

Affiliated to: General Secretary

Subordinates: IT Services Manager, System Management Manager, Software Manager, Senior Specialist, Specialist, Assistant Specialist.


B. Purpose of the Mission

To ensure the use of modern information technologies in order to increase efficiency in the service processes of all the education, management and administrative units of the university, to create the computer infrastructure, to carry out information processing services regularly, to coordinate the applications, to follow the technical developments and to ensure that the innovations are implemented in the university.


C. Duties and Responsibilities

1. Ensuring that the flat/subordinate units work effectively and harmoniously by using the management functions,

2. To give the necessary direction for the subordinates, to coordinate the work of the subordinates, to encourage them to work in cooperation and harmony,

3. The distribution of duties of the personnel working in the unit; to perform as fairly and effectively as possible, taking into account the expertise, experience, preferences and efficiency of the personnel,

4. To follow information technologies closely, to constantly adapt the information technologies used in the university to new developments by participating in the necessary training and courses,

5. To make all necessary technical and administrative procedures to communicate with national and international information networks,

6. To provide the necessary technical service to deliver the Internet network to universities and units,

7. To carry out and improve the maintenance and repair services of all computer equipment (computer, monitor, keyboard, printer, etc.) available at the university. To provide the necessary coordination for the repair or maintenance of the equipment under warranty with the maintenance agreement,

8. To carry out necessary studies for the development of package programs used in the university or programs written by the Department of Information Services, to monitor innovations,

9. To determine the principles of coordination and cooperation among the units of our University regarding informatics projects,

10. To provide services as efficiently as possible by using software and technological devices in academic and administrative procedures,

11. To make all kinds of administrative correspondence belonging to the Presidency, to ensure that the records of incoming and outgoing documents are kept, to follow the filing procedures,

12. To transfer the work and documents transferred to the Department to the units and ensure that they are finalized,

13. To supervise the affiliated personnel in order to ensure that the works of the unit are carried out completely and accurately within the framework of determined quality, quantity and time standards and in accordance with the laws,

14. To provide information, opinions and suggestions to the senior management as a decision-support element when necessary, on matters falling within its scope of duty,

15. Representing the department against senior management,

16. To be involved in business processes at points of technical need,

17. To monitor the professional development of the team members and to support the professional development of the team,

18. To work and to ensure that work is carried out in accordance with the relevant documents in force (directive, procedure, etc.) in the area of ​​responsibility,

To ensure that the tools and equipment required for the works carried out within the scope of the 19th Section are used properly and correctly within the framework of occupational health and safety,

20. To report to the management regarding the activities in the area of responsibility,

21. To be in continuous development in managerial, professional and personal matters,

22. To perform other works that are not mentioned above but serve the purpose of the task,

23. Within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698, to prepare the KVK inventory regarding the processing of personal data with the KVK Officer, to arrange the obligations and the rules to be applied, to take the necessary measures and precautions,

Head of Department : Mehmet Kösem
E-mail : mehmet.kosem@ihu.edu.tr
Phone : +90 212 692 02 12
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