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How Do I Stay Safe Online?

How Do I Stay Safe Online?
In 'How Do I Stay Safe Online?' article, certain items were mentioned to ensure your online security. You can review the text that gives suggestions to increase your security regarding issues such as suspicious links, different and strong password preferences, anti-virus softwares.

Never say to yourself, "This won't happen to me." We are all at risk of cyberattacks, and by paying attention to the advice given here, you can contribute to your own safety.


Be Cautious in Your Inbox:


* Never respond to personal information requests via email. Legitimate businesses never request personal information via email.

* Avoid entering personal information in pop-up screens opened through email.

* If email attachments or links seem unexpected or suspicious for any reason, refrain from clicking on them.


Implement Strong Password Management:


* Don't neglect using different passwords for your accounts; never use the same password for multiple devices or accounts.

* Ensure that your passwords are strong, incorporating a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and at least one special character.

* Set up a screen lock with a password requirement after a predetermined period on your computer and mobile device.


Use Anti-virus and Anti-spyware Software:


* Use antivirus and anti-spyware software downloaded from known and reliable sources, keeping the programs up to date.

* Avoid visiting unknown websites or downloading software from untrusted sources, as these sites often contain malicious software that can compromise your computer.


Cleanse Unnecessary Personal Information:


* Regularly clean unnecessary personal information from your computer and mobile devices.


Do Not Neglect Backing Up Your Information:


* Ensure that all critical information is regularly backed up.


Never Leave Your Devices Unattended:


* Safely store portable devices, keeping them out of sight when not in use, preferably in a locked drawer or cabinet.

* If your computer is used by multiple people, create individual accounts with different usernames and passwords for each user.

* Disable Bluetooth when not needed.

* Report any loss or theft to the relevant authorities promptly.